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Finding a flashlight that you are going to carry everyday at work or even in your home life can be a challenge. However, what you need to realize is it can be rather easy for you to find the right light at times if you use some tips. This is when you should make sure you know some tips to help you in finding the right everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. By using these tips, it will be easy to find the right light and know it will provide you with the comfort you need each time you leave your home for work.

Weight is a major concern for a lot of the flashlights that you are going to be carrying. While you may not think about the weight being that much of a drag, you need to realize if you are using the light each day for hours at a time if it is heavy it will start to feel like it weighs a ton. So you want to find a flashlight that is not only bright but also does not weigh so much that you are constantly adjusting your belt to get the weight adjusted around.

The brightness of the bulb is something else you need to think about as well. While the weight may be a major concern, you need to have a light that is bright as well. The reason you want a bright light is you may end up in a dark area, even in the daytime, that is going to require your light to be the only way to see. So you need to make sure you are using a light that is going to provide you with the bright illumination you want to have, but also makes it easier for you to see the area around without blinding yourself.

Ease of turning the light on or off can be another issue that you need to consider. With a lot of these lights, you will want to make sure they are very easy for you to turn on or off without having to do much to perform the action. For example, a push button that you can use or even something like a twisting light on the front side. All of these will make it easier for you to use the light without having to fumble around and try to figure out how it is going to work in the dark.

police officersHow the flashlight has to be carried is something else for you to think about as well. When you are looking at this, you may find the flashlights are going to need to be a certain length because of your job, but also to make it easy to find them. For example, police officers used to use the longer flashlights, but that has tended to go by the wayside because they do not fit well in the cruisers, but also because they are harder to maneuver around with. So make sure you find a flashlight with an acceptable length for you.

When you are working in law enforcement or as a firefighter, you know the value of having proper lighting. Sometimes this lighting is not available when you go into a scene. This is when you often wish you had brought your own lighting to the party. By using some tips it will be easy for you to locate an EDC flashlight and know it will provide you with the proper lighting, but also allow you to see everything that you need to see when you are heading into a dangerous situation.

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In other words – doing what our grandparents did just to live day to day. Unless you lived in a city you only knew the outside world from radio or newspapers. Today we are overwhelmed with news from all over the world and this makes some very nervous about ‘where is this world going to’.

So in ‘prepping’ many are simply getting back to the basics: trying to grow more or all of their food; canning and drying food for preservation; learning how to use tools and make repairs; having backup sources for heat and power.
log-cabin-591689_640This has become the new definition of homesteading, but in America we are forever changing the definitions of words and phrases. Just a hundred years ago, or less, homesteading meant the open frontier and building your own home and well and barns. Now some homesteaders are building their own homes but it is also used to mean using our “gardens” to the fullest and well, surviving. Okay so I do not want to raise rabbits for food because to me that would be like eating my dog, but you can bet if there was no other food I might drool when I look at Mr. Bunny.
What is a prepper? Not always a prepper – maybe just a survivalist.
– Someone who is preparing to handle their own issues and be comfortable with dealing with loss of power or heat
– Someone who is gathering knowledge and resources in case some of those things last longer than we want
– Someone who is having a preparations to leave home during emergencies so that sheltering is not such a nightmare.

I am a prepper. I do not have much money for stocking up like I would prefer but I am learning how to do so and how to store things like food and water. I am learning to value what few gardening skills I have and earnestly putting them to use. To me this means moving my kitchen garden closer to the house for easier watering and maintenance and looking at blueberry bushes in a new light. I have had a small chest freezer for a few years now and it was gifted to me so I could freeze my raspberries and zuchini. Adapting means adding containers of water like I did when I camped a lot and learning how to dry some of my harvests and purchases before they go bad. You should smell how fresh the strawberries are that I dried!
527871_doomsday-dome_u4otpkuoohegc34cxym6cgqbe3ncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_400x225There are hard core preppers out there that scoff at what some of us are trying to do but many others are more willing to let us define what a prepper is on our own terms. For instance, if you have a generator but do not keep gas for it; if you have stored food but have no way to cook it; if you have a well but no pump to access it without power. This is known as being half prepped and explains why so many ‘preppers’ are paranoid. So many citizens are completely unprepared they are afraid of being overwhelmed by hordes of hungry and thirsty citizens.

So what do we do? LEARN. Think for ourselves and become more knowledgeable. Not just from the television but by learning from others, asking questions and doing some simple reading. If you are reading this you have an unlimited source at your fingertips. That does not mean that all you read is the truth. Gather skills and not stuff. Just sit down and discuss the issue with others, like, say your family and practice with them the skills we all need. Cook and eat what you buy and buy just a little extra for the stash. mike-bauer.jpg.size.custom.crop.850x539You not only need skills – you need to practice them. This is also about trying to keep our awareness level a little higher and as they used to say “preparing for a rainy day”.


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Survival in the wilderness

Survival in the wilderness

Posted By on Jun 2, 2016

Survivalists are getting ready for many circumstances that can happen in the world, from natural disasters to global war or medical infection. If we exclude everything that these problems yields and run into the wild as in the famous movie, we still need to have a set of skills and knowledge about surviving by ourselves in the wild. In this article, we will inform you generally about survival in the wild because it is not likely that you will remember all those episodes of Bear Grills you have watched after it gets to you for real. So, you successfully escaped from the town, but now, the survival has just begun.
unnamed (2)So, first of all, you need to be prepared for a quick getaway from the city. We won’t explain much why cities are not the place to be in the case of a global disaster because we all know that city life is 100% dependent on villages and the production of food and basic foodstuff in it. The list of things that you must have in the wild is various, but however there is basic stuff that you must prepare and stash somewhere for just in case of emergency.

That basic stuff must contain:

Survival kit (it can be found in stores, and it usually contains some basic stuff needed for settling a shelter, starting a fire, etc.)
– First aid kit (with antidote against deadly bites included, and the anti-gift set kit for sucking out the poison in case of bite)
– Fresh water (there are many modern water bottles and thermoses that can sustain the freshness of the water for several weeks)
– Knife (that should not be like Rambo knife, but it is desirable that it is a quality one, resistant to every damage that can happen in the wildness, so we can say resistant to everything- you should not save money on this item, it is the most important)
– Multifunction tool (also known as Swiss knife, it perfectly combines various tools in one small piece of metal, and it is sure must have on the list)
– A lamp (you will probably get out of the battery after a few days, but you must know that nights in the wildness are dark, dark to the black, and you will need the source of light in order to move until you reach the safe place appropriate for settlement. There are also lamps with dynamo mechanism which doesn’t use batteries at all – as the better option)
– The map (maps of the area you live in, and also the map from to the place you are heading to the state of emergency if you have one)
635157221934476666Orientation in the wildness is easy if you have a smartphone and Google maps. More likely, you will be lost and off course without hi-tech in your hands, starring in the good old map without knowing where to go. Reading the map is an easy job, and if you are not into it, you should learn it as soon as possible. You should also learn how to determine the sides of the world by the sun if you have no compass. Anyway, there is something that you will probably remember – the clouds are always moving from the west to the east.

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Survival basics

Survival basics

Posted By on Jun 2, 2016

Some say that there are many indicators that the system, as we know it now, is on its end, and that soon there will be chaos all around the world. When that time comes, it would be desirable for us to be ready for some survival, comparing to today’s life which is pleasant for most of us. There are people aware of this, and they are working on themselves to be prepared for the situation of global disaster. They are called survivalists.
7304246-16x9-largeTo be a survivalist means that you are interested in studying and learning ancient skills of surviving, to survive all natural threats in different conditions, such as hunger, proper hydration, protecting from different animals and other potentially dangerous circumstances that may occur in the wildness. There are also many survivalists that are studying survival in urban areas because it is well known that 54 percent of people in the world live in urban areas today. We rely on electric power, we rely on the internet as the source of information, and very large number of city residents will be instantly disabled to continue living if those things crush in some moment. You can probably see those people all around you, and maybe you are the same, that you depend on electric power and devices. Surviving in the city is based on the healthy system that is functioning completely, such as water and groceries supply in stores, as two of most important things for one to survive.

But if the electric power system crushes, soon it would be impossible to maintain the healthy environment in cities, so the first goal would be to survive the escape from it, and that is why they learn the tactic of avoiding demographic threats or street wars that may occur in such situation.
Survivalist-Prepper-300x247After escaping the city, all about survival is how to be safe at first place, then to find shelter, water supply, and food, as the main items for reasonable living. Without system as we know it, it is certain that we will need to rely only on ourselves. Some say that it is possible to arrange villages such as they were in Middle Ages, so the community could survive easier, but even in that circumstances, everybody needs to know some set of skills. In that moments, it is not expected that someone with all that knowledge feeds and supplies those who are just members of the new community.
So, it’s nice to know wildlife better, which plants are right for us and which are toxic. It is good to know various methods of setting a fire without any help of common items, and we will highlight that fire is also one of the most important things in survival. You should know that living in wildness make you and the rest of residents almost invisible, so the fire is very important if you tend to be found by potential rescuers.
Anyway, the system as itself could be crushed one day, and we think and hope that that day is far away, but most likely the reason for global disaster will be caused by natural force, such as earthquake, volcano eruption, sea level enlargement or even the asteroid. Either way, it is good to be prepared for such a scenario, and survivalists are those who you can contact if you are willing to learn more about this.

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Preppers – prevention guys
Most of the people found that preppers even exist when the Doomsday Preppers show has been released on TV. Anyway, it has been useful, because that led many people to think about the world from different point of view. Indeed, there are many threats to men kind these days, and most of those are connected to the global disasters. On the other hand, many ordinary people realized that those preppers shown on TV were just bunch of crazy people that are frightened by the fact of global disaster.

preppers-list-discount-shop-warehouse-yuri-van-geenenSo who are the preppers and are they crazy? We can say that preppers are just people that are aware that there might a lot of various problems in today world that can disenable further living in the way that we used to. There are some cases where you can surely say that and that prepper is a madman, but objectively, they are just ordinary people who are willing to be prepared for some unwanted circumstances that are logical and possible in near future. They just notice that there could be some global problems which will lead to some chaos, and they are doing what they can to be ready for those times.
Most of the preppers are not a sadist and egoistic guys that want to be last men on Earth, but people frightened for the lives of their family and friends, and they tend to do some prevention work for themselves instead of relying on the system to do that job.
Because they are confident that system will break completely in many versions of global disaster issue, so they will be on their own in the future after it happens. The problem goes from temporary troubles, such as large storms or nasty weather that became a common thing nowadays, up to global disasters that will bring the new order in the world, where every person will have to fight with circumstances on their own. Some other events that may occur are a large forest fire, demographic disorder, massive migration, tornados, hurricanes and other. These disasters may cause a lot of damage in small areas or wider, so they are more likely to be prepared for it than to rely on Government methods of dealing with it, and there is nothing wrong with it. When you look at the topic objectively, there is a lot of sense and logic into it, so we may say that preppers are actual “prevention guys” rather than crazy people who evoke accidents and disasters.
jay-blevins-prepper-wpRarely, but more realistic concerns are about terrorist attacks, global infections, war, etc. which will surely change the way of living that we meet today. There is also a concern about electric power net that also may be the victim of many disasters listed above, and we are all familiar that we are dependent on electricity in the modern way of life. In such circumstances, there is also a logical issue about increased alarm for food and water supplies, medicine institutes, and other ordinary institutions that would not be accessible with ease as it is today. We will also mention the issue of violence threat that will inevitably occur in such situation, so, why shouldn’t we prepare for all of these?

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Prepper’s logic

Prepper’s logic

Posted By on Jun 1, 2016

Preppers are the people who want to be ready for a state of emergency, and not only for the emergency that we know today but for a very large range of potential states of emergency that are coming in this new era of living. For instance, medical industry now is at the highest level in history, but yet we are witnessing commonly that some new types of diseases are present within every year. Those diseases are spreading, and in most cases, it is happening somewhere there in the world, but you never know where it can happen, so the idea is to be prepared for such situation. In the basis, they can’t come to terms with the fact that when it happens, they will just wander around on the streets with their families waiting for a third party to solve the problem. unnamed (1)That is because they don’t believe that there is going to be a third party at all, if something huge, like a global disaster, happens. Even if the system as we know it survives, it will be helpful for them if we organize ourselves before the rescue day comes. Some say that it is just fear coming out from the people, but, if you eat fruits for their healthy nutrients, is that mean that you are frightened of getting sick? Of course, you are not.
To be well prepared for massive, global, or local disasters, preppers are making the supplies of the high important groceries and drinking water for just in case. Some of them are making huge warehouses, and they are probably just overreacting, but having a supply of monthly or three-month needs for a family is not a bad thing at all. Moreover, it is a logical and quite smart way of preventing the consequences of eventual disaster that may occur. Some people have bought farms and grow their plants, stating that the only “safe” food is the one you raise on your own. There is also cattle, which also can be raised on farms, so the problem of food will be out of the question if something terrible happens.

Water reservoirs are also involved, but maintaining the water in the state of drinking water is not so easy, so usual method for solving this issue is having a farm near some pure mountain stream, which will more likely be useful to provide drinking water instead of accumulating the water from the city water supply. If there are no natural streams around, it is good to learn all about water filtration and the way of keeping the water fresh for drinking as more as it is possible. Anyway, most of the streams will also need some filtration, so it is desirable to learn as much about that field in both cases.
firearms-for-survivalThose rural properties often require some proper defense system, especially if it is located near large towns or highways, because in the state of emergency, your little oasis will be a desirable place for those who desperately seek for supplies and basic foodstuffs. Therefore, you should plan to involve some protective fence, traps, and even the armament, starting with handguns all up to bombs and rifles. It is suspected that the biggest problem will be the security of those safe farms and camps if there are more residents and families that work together on the project.

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After you enter the prepper world, you are full of questions and doubts so potentially you are the one who will make beginners mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that you will probably meet, based on the experience of those who already have gone through all of that you are into right now.

First of all, you must know that panic, as in all spheres of life, is not your friend at all. On the opposite, it can and will affect your judgment so you won’t pay attention to important things at the moment. Anyway, when it comes to the emergency, the best way to fight panic is sure to be prepared well. Firstly, plan your behavior and actions for the 72h period, and increase the time to the maximum level you can predict. For instance, WWII lasted about four years in most of the countries, which means four years of the emergency state. Take your time to plan carefully all the aspects that may occur, and fell free to make several plans for different circumstances. For instance, if there is a mass flood, you will run into mountains, but if there is a large snow, you will head to warm areas, etc.
fb6aa86f6f08ca3a869fb9015d211612Experts are quite right all the time, but they usually are not interested in your personal issues, so listen to what they say and try to implement it in your case. When they say many people will suffer by this and that, they usually mean just many people, and usual solution for masses is reporting to the authorities or something like that. In reality, every place is different, and the truth is that you should use their suggestions as the lead, but you should not blindly follow all that they say.
We understand that saving is something that is not just the attitude, but the need nowadays. But if you are preparing for global disaster, you should pay attention to what are you buying for these times, because that is all you will have. The conclusion is that you will need only the best and most quality products in times where your life depends on it. For instance, sleeping bags can be found in a various range of price. When it comes to sleeping outside, the main problem always was, and it also will be cold. So, don’t you want to have a quality sleeping bag? This one goes for all other equipment.
romeo_20bug_20out_20bag_largeAll survival items now can be found as the multitool unit. This will make your gear most efficient so that you will have more space for food or other important things. For instance, a rope is a must have the item which can be used for many purposes, tightening the tent or spreading wet laundry.
When it comes to food, you should not consider some expensive and rare foods, but your family’s favorite food, just make sure you have checked the dates, pick those that last as much longer. When it comes to an emergency, it surely will not be the time to realize that you don’t like sea fish in cans or Chinese cabbage, no matter if it was on sale at the moment of shopping.
Ensure that your family and friends are at least familiar that you are about to be a prepper. Speak with them, at the start just as a small talk, but later you should involve them into it because the state of emergency is not the right time to make explanations and obligations division.


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