Survival basics

Survival basics

Posted By on Jun 2, 2016

Some say that there are many indicators that the system, as we know it now, is on its end, and that soon there will be chaos all around the world. When that time comes, it would be desirable for us to be ready for some survival, comparing to today’s life which is pleasant for most of us. There are people aware of this, and they are working on themselves to be prepared for the situation of global disaster. They are called survivalists.
7304246-16x9-largeTo be a survivalist means that you are interested in studying and learning ancient skills of surviving, to survive all natural threats in different conditions, such as hunger, proper hydration, protecting from different animals and other potentially dangerous circumstances that may occur in the wildness. There are also many survivalists that are studying survival in urban areas because it is well known that 54 percent of people in the world live in urban areas today. We rely on electric power, we rely on the internet as the source of information, and very large number of city residents will be instantly disabled to continue living if those things crush in some moment. You can probably see those people all around you, and maybe you are the same, that you depend on electric power and devices. Surviving in the city is based on the healthy system that is functioning completely, such as water and groceries supply in stores, as two of most important things for one to survive.

But if the electric power system crushes, soon it would be impossible to maintain the healthy environment in cities, so the first goal would be to survive the escape from it, and that is why they learn the tactic of avoiding demographic threats or street wars that may occur in such situation.
Survivalist-Prepper-300x247After escaping the city, all about survival is how to be safe at first place, then to find shelter, water supply, and food, as the main items for reasonable living. Without system as we know it, it is certain that we will need to rely only on ourselves. Some say that it is possible to arrange villages such as they were in Middle Ages, so the community could survive easier, but even in that circumstances, everybody needs to know some set of skills. In that moments, it is not expected that someone with all that knowledge feeds and supplies those who are just members of the new community.
So, it’s nice to know wildlife better, which plants are right for us and which are toxic. It is good to know various methods of setting a fire without any help of common items, and we will highlight that fire is also one of the most important things in survival. You should know that living in wildness make you and the rest of residents almost invisible, so the fire is very important if you tend to be found by potential rescuers.
Anyway, the system as itself could be crushed one day, and we think and hope that that day is far away, but most likely the reason for global disaster will be caused by natural force, such as earthquake, volcano eruption, sea level enlargement or even the asteroid. Either way, it is good to be prepared for such a scenario, and survivalists are those who you can contact if you are willing to learn more about this.

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