Prepper mistakes you should avoid

Posted By Grant Keaton on Jun 1, 2016 |

After you enter the prepper world, you are full of questions and doubts so potentially you are the one who will make beginners mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that you will probably meet, based on the experience of those who already have gone through all of that you are into right now.

First of all, you must know that panic, as in all spheres of life, is not your friend at all. On the opposite, it can and will affect your judgment so you won’t pay attention to important things at the moment. Anyway, when it comes to the emergency, the best way to fight panic is sure to be prepared well. Firstly, plan your behavior and actions for the 72h period, and increase the time to the maximum level you can predict. For instance, WWII lasted about four years in most of the countries, which means four years of the emergency state. Take your time to plan carefully all the aspects that may occur, and fell free to make several plans for different circumstances. For instance, if there is a mass flood, you will run into mountains, but if there is a large snow, you will head to warm areas, etc.
fb6aa86f6f08ca3a869fb9015d211612Experts are quite right all the time, but they usually are not interested in your personal issues, so listen to what they say and try to implement it in your case. When they say many people will suffer by this and that, they usually mean just many people, and usual solution for masses is reporting to the authorities or something like that. In reality, every place is different, and the truth is that you should use their suggestions as the lead, but you should not blindly follow all that they say.
We understand that saving is something that is not just the attitude, but the need nowadays. But if you are preparing for global disaster, you should pay attention to what are you buying for these times, because that is all you will have. The conclusion is that you will need only the best and most quality products in times where your life depends on it. For instance, sleeping bags can be found in a various range of price. When it comes to sleeping outside, the main problem always was, and it also will be cold. So, don’t you want to have a quality sleeping bag? This one goes for all other equipment.
romeo_20bug_20out_20bag_largeAll survival items now can be found as the multitool unit. This will make your gear most efficient so that you will have more space for food or other important things. For instance, a rope is a must have the item which can be used for many purposes, tightening the tent or spreading wet laundry.
When it comes to food, you should not consider some expensive and rare foods, but your family’s favorite food, just make sure you have checked the dates, pick those that last as much longer. When it comes to an emergency, it surely will not be the time to realize that you don’t like sea fish in cans or Chinese cabbage, no matter if it was on sale at the moment of shopping.
Ensure that your family and friends are at least familiar that you are about to be a prepper. Speak with them, at the start just as a small talk, but later you should involve them into it because the state of emergency is not the right time to make explanations and obligations division.