Prepper’s logic

Posted By Grant Keaton on Jun 1, 2016 |

Preppers are the people who want to be ready for a state of emergency, and not only for the emergency that we know today but for a very large range of potential states of emergency that are coming in this new era of living. For instance, medical industry now is at the highest level in history, but yet we are witnessing commonly that some new types of diseases are present within every year. Those diseases are spreading, and in most cases, it is happening somewhere there in the world, but you never know where it can happen, so the idea is to be prepared for such situation. In the basis, they can’t come to terms with the fact that when it happens, they will just wander around on the streets with their families waiting for a third party to solve the problem. unnamed (1)That is because they don’t believe that there is going to be a third party at all, if something huge, like a global disaster, happens. Even if the system as we know it survives, it will be helpful for them if we organize ourselves before the rescue day comes. Some say that it is just fear coming out from the people, but, if you eat fruits for their healthy nutrients, is that mean that you are frightened of getting sick? Of course, you are not.
To be well prepared for massive, global, or local disasters, preppers are making the supplies of the high important groceries and drinking water for just in case. Some of them are making huge warehouses, and they are probably just overreacting, but having a supply of monthly or three-month needs for a family is not a bad thing at all. Moreover, it is a logical and quite smart way of preventing the consequences of eventual disaster that may occur. Some people have bought farms and grow their plants, stating that the only “safe” food is the one you raise on your own. There is also cattle, which also can be raised on farms, so the problem of food will be out of the question if something terrible happens.

Water reservoirs are also involved, but maintaining the water in the state of drinking water is not so easy, so usual method for solving this issue is having a farm near some pure mountain stream, which will more likely be useful to provide drinking water instead of accumulating the water from the city water supply. If there are no natural streams around, it is good to learn all about water filtration and the way of keeping the water fresh for drinking as more as it is possible. Anyway, most of the streams will also need some filtration, so it is desirable to learn as much about that field in both cases.
firearms-for-survivalThose rural properties often require some proper defense system, especially if it is located near large towns or highways, because in the state of emergency, your little oasis will be a desirable place for those who desperately seek for supplies and basic foodstuffs. Therefore, you should plan to involve some protective fence, traps, and even the armament, starting with handguns all up to bombs and rifles. It is suspected that the biggest problem will be the security of those safe farms and camps if there are more residents and families that work together on the project.