Survival in the wilderness

Posted By Grant Keaton on Jun 2, 2016 |

Survivalists are getting ready for many circumstances that can happen in the world, from natural disasters to global war or medical infection. If we exclude everything that these problems yields and run into the wild as in the famous movie, we still need to have a set of skills and knowledge about surviving by ourselves in the wild. In this article, we will inform you generally about survival in the wild because it is not likely that you will remember all those episodes of Bear Grills you have watched after it gets to you for real. So, you successfully escaped from the town, but now, the survival has just begun.
unnamed (2)So, first of all, you need to be prepared for a quick getaway from the city. We won’t explain much why cities are not the place to be in the case of a global disaster because we all know that city life is 100% dependent on villages and the production of food and basic foodstuff in it. The list of things that you must have in the wild is various, but however there is basic stuff that you must prepare and stash somewhere for just in case of emergency.

That basic stuff must contain:

Survival kit (it can be found in stores, and it usually contains some basic stuff needed for settling a shelter, starting a fire, etc.)
– First aid kit (with antidote against deadly bites included, and the anti-gift set kit for sucking out the poison in case of bite)
– Fresh water (there are many modern water bottles and thermoses that can sustain the freshness of the water for several weeks)
– Knife (that should not be like Rambo knife, but it is desirable that it is a quality one, resistant to every damage that can happen in the wildness, so we can say resistant to everything- you should not save money on this item, it is the most important)
– Multifunction tool (also known as Swiss knife, it perfectly combines various tools in one small piece of metal, and it is sure must have on the list)
– A lamp (you will probably get out of the battery after a few days, but you must know that nights in the wildness are dark, dark to the black, and you will need the source of light in order to move until you reach the safe place appropriate for settlement. There are also lamps with dynamo mechanism which doesn’t use batteries at all – as the better option)
– The map (maps of the area you live in, and also the map from to the place you are heading to the state of emergency if you have one)
635157221934476666Orientation in the wildness is easy if you have a smartphone and Google maps. More likely, you will be lost and off course without hi-tech in your hands, starring in the good old map without knowing where to go. Reading the map is an easy job, and if you are not into it, you should learn it as soon as possible. You should also learn how to determine the sides of the world by the sun if you have no compass. Anyway, there is something that you will probably remember – the clouds are always moving from the west to the east.